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Discover tranquility and assurance with Peace of Mind Wealth Management. Our mission and values drive us to provide exceptional asset management and financial planning services. Our dedicated team is committed to safeguarding your wealth and crafting personalized financial solutions for your journey.

We provide a variety of insurance options tailored to individuals, families, and businesses alike.

Introducing POM

Our Company

Based in the USA with a global reach, Peace of Mind Wealth Management (POM) offers flexible and comprehensive asset management services. Guided by a proactive risk management approach, POM serves a wide range of clients worldwide. As a leading agent appointed by major A-rated insurance companies in the USA, POM provides tailored financial planning and insurance solutions designed to meet the unique needs of individuals, embracing diverse cultural backgrounds globally. Through strategic partnerships with esteemed legal, accounting, and academic institutions, POM delivers professional wealth platform services, empowering clients globally with knowledge and solutions to safeguard assets and foster business growth.

Backed by a seasoned marketing and management team and cutting-edge operational systems, POM is renowned as a trusted and professional brand in the financial planning landscape. Committed to innovation and service excellence, POM aspires to lead as an international technology-based personal wealth management company, guided by the ethos of “technology leading finance, finance serving life.” With a track record of serving a diverse clientele, POM offers innovative and meticulously monitored financial services, sourced from top-tier insurance companies, underscored by a commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer-centricity.

Our Mission​

Our mission is to enhance the Financial Quotient (FQ) for families across the globe. We strive to empower every sales associate with the tools and resources they need to achieve financial freedom and independence.

Our System​

You run POM’s system, POMS will run business for you! With POM’s system, we enable you to run your business with ease and efficiency. POMS is a state-of-the-art platform designed to streamline your operations, saving you time and resources. With POMS, you can focus on what matters most serving your clients and growing your business.

Our Vision​

Our vision is to become the leading insurance IMO in North America, with a global presence. We aspire to be the first IMO to go public in the United States, setting the benchmark for excellence in our industry.

Empower Your Financial Future with Peace of Mind Wealth Management

Unlock Your Financial Potential with Peace of Mind Wealth Management

At Peace of Mind Wealth Management, we firmly believe that our team members are our greatest assets. That’s why we’re dedicated to fostering a harmonious, stable, and efficient work environment that’s infused with team spirit. Through our robust training programs, we aim to cultivate top-tier professionals who are not only skilled and dedicated but also joyful in their work.

If you’re sincere, passionate, and compassionate, possess a college degree or equivalent educational background, excel in learning and communication, and value attention to detail and goal orientation, we welcome you to join us. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry, whether you’re a recent immigrant or have been in the field for years, we invite you to be part of our journey towards a prosperous future. Join Peace of Mind Wealth Management, where we’re eager to build wealth together, legally and ethically, while fostering personal and professional growth for all.


What We Offer

Expertise in the Advanced Case Market

Benefit from our team's advanced knowledge, guiding you through complex financial scenarios with ease

Cutting-Edge Sales Tools and Training

Access state-of-the-art tools and training programs to enhance your sales skills and drive results

Professional Development and Support

Elevate your career with our comprehensive training programs and ongoing support from experienced professionals

Seasoned Guidance

Tap into the knowledge and expertise of our seasoned team members for valuable insights and guidance

Access to Top Carriers and Products

Gain access to premium products from top-rated carriers, curated to meet your specific needs

Convenient One-Stop Shop

Simplify your life and annuity needs with our comprehensive suite of services, all in one convenient location

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We takes great pride in delivering personalized service that is supported by top-notch resources and tools. Our focus is on meeting the needs of independent insurance professionals who are seeking to expand their practice
Alan Wen POM Founder and CEO

Alan Wen


Our Founder and CEO

At Peace of Mind Wealth Management, our leadership exemplifies dedication, expertise, and a commitment to your financial success. With seasoned professionals at the helm, we steer your wealth journey towards prosperity through personalized guidance and unwavering support.

Discover the Vision Behind Peace of Mind Wealth Management: Meet Our Founder and CEO, Alan Wen

Alan Wen is the founder and CEO of Peace of Mind (POM) Wealth Management Group, which includes POM Insurance Agency. Alan holds a degree in computer science from the University of Science and Technology of China, as well as a master’s degree in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York. He has had a successful career in high-tech companies, including Yahoo, Microsoft, and Oracle.

During his time in the high-tech industry, Alan recognized the importance of financial knowledge in the process of wealth accumulation. He holds a Life & Health Insurance license, as well as securities licenses including Series 6, 63, 26, and 65 since 2003. Alan has won many individual and team business awards during his tenure at several IMOs.


Alan believes that managing wealth with high-tech technology and scientific systems will help everyone improve their financial quotient and ultimately achieve financial freedom. He has been working hard in the fields of technology and finance, from products to systems, from high-tech innovation to software platforms, through continuous efforts, accumulation, improvement, and breakthrough.

Peace of Mind Wealth Management has always put products, systems, technical training, and personnel training first in enterprise development. The key to its success is the emphasis on talents. At present, more than half of the licensed leaders in Peace of Mind Wealth Management are qualified for online training, and the proportion of this huge technical team is far ahead of any peer companies.

Today, Peace of Mind Wealth Management has developed into a complete high-tech financial platform and financial insurance industry chain, with a high-tech, self-designed, and developed software system, synchronized with the advanced business philosophy and training system of the US financial and insurance industry. It is the most trustworthy and reliable brand of overseas Chinese financial insurance and wealth management.

Unveiling Our Journey

Discover Our Story

Our Leaderships

Our leadership at Peace of Mind Wealth Management is driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence. We provide cutting-edge financial services and technical support to ensure each customer receives an exceptional experience. Together with our clients, we envision a future of prosperity and peace of mind.

Sandra Yang-1

Sandra Yang


Exploring the Excellence Behind Peace of Mind Wealth Management: Meet Our Senior Global Vice President, Sandra Yang

Peace of Mind (POM) Wealth Management takes pride in esteemed leaders like Sandra Yang, who serves as our Senior Global Vice President and Chairperson of the Arbitration Committee. Sandra’s journey began in China, where she honed her expertise in pivotal legal domains such as corporate issuance, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring over many years. This tenure not only enriched her with profound professional knowledge but also cultivated her problem-solving acumen for navigating complex challenges.

Upon relocating to the United States in 2014, Sandra embarked on a new chapter in her career. Demonstrating remarkable adaptability, she swiftly obtained licenses as a California real estate agent, notary, and life insurance agent. Sandra’s ability to seamlessly transition and her steadfast commitment to continuous learning underscore her exceptional character. Drawing from her extensive personal experience in immigration, real estate, and education, Sandra offers invaluable support to clients in their relocation to the United States, including settling in and enrolling children in schools, earning widespread trust and respect in the process.

Discover the Expertise Driving Peace of Mind Wealth Management: Meet Our Global Vice President, Cindy Bai

In the realm of global wealth management, Peace of Mind (POM) Wealth Management stands as a beacon of excellence, owed in large part to exceptional talents like Cindy Bai. As the esteemed Global Vice President of Peace of Mind Wealth Management, Cindy not only holds credentials as an American CPA and a licensed U.S. securities investment and insurance broker but also boasts over 26 years of senior financial management experience across domestic and multinational enterprises. Her illustrious career includes a track record of successfully navigating U.S. listed company acquisitions and extensive expertise in family financial planning.

Cindy’s profound grasp of U.S. personal income tax intricacies and real estate dynamics, coupled with her professional mastery of U.S. life insurance and annuities, make her an invaluable asset. Through Peace of Mind Wealth Management’s platform, she extends bespoke services in tax consulting, wealth planning, and trust design to affluent families. Additionally, Cindy crafts tailored equity exit strategies and executive incentive plans for small and medium-sized business owners, facilitating tax optimization with finesse.

Cindy Bai


Jessie Lee, Ph.D.


Unveiling the Expertise Behind Peace of Mind Wealth Management: Meet Our Global Vice President, Dr. Jessie Lee

Peace of Mind (POM) Wealth Management is proud to welcome Dr. Jessie Lee as our esteemed Global Vice President, whose exceptional background and experience bring unparalleled value to our team. Dr. Lee has not only attained excellence in pharmacy, holding a doctorate in the field, but has also held senior positions in the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the United States, showcasing her extensive experience in both pharmacy and finance.

As an insurance agent licensed in ten states across the United States and a qualified insurance instructor in Illinois and New York, Dr. Lee possesses a profound understanding and fervent passion for financial education. She recognizes the intricacies of financial planning, particularly in areas such as retirement, and is dedicated to empowering individuals with effective financial strategies. Dr. Lee specializes in providing guidance on financial planning, tax optimization, education fund planning, retirement planning, and trust and asset inheritance.

Discovering the Innovative Leadership Behind Our Growth: Meet Our Global Vice President, Dr. Changqiong Zhu

Dr. Changqiong Zhu is the Vice President of Peace of Mind Wealth Management and the founder of Team Abundance at Peace of Mind Angel Asset. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Material Physics from the University of Science and Technology of China and a Ph.D. from a prestigious university in the United States.

As a team leader, Dr. Zhu’s primary mission is to impart financial knowledge and ensure that every family has their own financial planning expert. She collaborates closely with her team to provide professional services in education fund planning, retirement fund planning, emergency fund management, insurance planning, tax planning, and legacy planning.

Leveraging the power of the Peace of Mind platform, Dr. Zhu and her team aim to cultivate more professionals and entrepreneurs in the financial services industry, dedicated to offering the community more professional and comprehensive services.

Changqiong Zhu, Ph.D.


Dani Zhao


Uncovering the Idealistic Leadership Driving Behind Our Success: Meet Our Global Vice President, Dani Zhao

Dani Zhao is the Vice President of Peace of Mind Wealth Management. Her career journey is an inspiring tale of courage and wisdom. Originally from an IT background, Dani has challenged herself at various turning points in her life, gaining rich experience in the jewelry and real estate industries, which greatly enhanced her professional skills and capabilities.

Since joining Peace of Mind Wealth Management, Dani’s versatility and leadership talents have flourished. With her exceptional management experience and outstanding teamwork, the team she leads has consistently achieved the company’s highest performance honors. In just over a year, Dani has driven continuous performance growth and introduced numerous innovations, bringing vitality to the company.

Unveiling the Pioneering Leadership Powering Our Advancement: Meet Our Global Vice President, Dr. Kui Deng

Kui Deng is the Vice President of Peace of Mind Wealth Management. Formerly a college Chinese teacher in Arkansas, USA, Kui is now a dedicated loan broker and insurance agent at Peace of Mind Wealth Management. She joined Peace of Mind at the end of 2021, introduced by Dani, marking the start of a transformative journey. Over the past year and a half, Kui has gained extensive financial knowledge, accumulated practical experience, and earned commissions beyond her expectations. She has also come to deeply appreciate the value of the company’s products, platform, and team.

Since joining Peace of Mind, Kui has discovered a diverse range of products, a robust training system, and an efficient, supportive team. She values the benefits provided by Peace of Mind’s excellent products, strong platform, and outstanding team, believing that her affiliation with Peace of Mind fosters a cycle of mutual success. In her two years with the company, Kui has evolved from a novice in the financial industry into a confident insurance agent, financial literacy instructor, and regional market manager.

Kui Deng, Ph.D.


Jun & Nancy

Jun Deng & Nancy Zhang, MBA


Unveiling the Collaborative Leadership Driving Our Collective Future: Meet Our Global Vice Presidents, Jun Deng and Nancy Zhang

Nancy Zhang and Jun Deng, a dynamic couple, serve as Vice Presidents of Peace of Mind Wealth Management. Benefiting from the strong platform, supportive team environment, excellent products, and comprehensive support from CEO Alan, Nancy and Jun have made remarkable strides in their roles. They have achieved outstanding annuity sales by offering top-tier products from leading insurance companies like Allianz and Athene, tailored to meet various client needs.

Nancy and Jun are firm believers in the importance of continuous learning. Through their participation in the Talent Class, they have gained valuable insights and boosted their confidence. At the company’s annual meetings, they have connected with numerous amazing partners, experiencing the power and support of the team firsthand. Nancy and Jun are committed to continuing their learning journey and are dedicated to helping more people find the right products to achieve their dreams.

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